• Prepare the details and specifications for pricing by one or several builders.
  • Help the client to select suitable builder(s)
  • Invite tenders
  • Receive and advise on tenders received
  • Arrange building contract and timing of work on site
  • Inspect the work on site at intervals to assure that work is generally in accordance with the contract and to an acceptable standard. Bring any observed defects to builder’s attention and monitor correction
  • Answer any queries raised by the builder and advise on any unexpected occurrences
  • Monitor the project costs and arrange for client’s payment of appropriate amounts to builder, check and advise on any extras claimed by the builder
  • Check work is generally in accordance with the contract at the end of work on site
  • Prepare with builder and agree Builder’s Final Account

All Stages of the Project

  • Act as client’s agent in all matter related to the progress of the project including applying for all necessary approvals and in dealings with the builder (except where the Architect has an independent role in adminstering the Building Contract)
  • Consult and advise the client at all appropriate stages of the project but otherwise relieve the client of the responsibility for the design and general management of the building project
  • For new houses and substantial retrofitting - advise on, organise and monitor agreed level for energy performance including arranging for certification (e.g. Passivhaus) as appropriate
RIBA AECB Architect in the House Architects Registration Board Association of Self-Build Architects