Extension to Enclose Courtyard

The project is the enlargement of the house by extending into a courtyard area between the main house and a small entrance block directly accessed from the road.

The work presented a number of challenges in that the extension is set between the party garden wall and the garage as well as adjoining the main house and the front entrance block. The clients also wished for a well lit space, as the kitchen would effectively become internal, as well a good level of ventilation. The latter requirements are met by the inclusion of roof windows and the daylight provision enhanced by the fire resisting glazing above the party wall which now becomes the external wall of the extension. The extent of glazing is compensated for by higher than normal insulation levels to the remaining construction to ensure that the minimum thermal regulations are exceeded.

The project retains the existing slate roof to the frontage with the courtyard covered by a very low pitched zinc alloy roof which is barely visible.

The project has been completed and the clients have returned for further work to the house.

RIBA AECB Architect in the House Architects Registration Board Association of Self-Build Architects