Extension to a room of a Detached Villa

The project is a single storey extension to a detached brick built villa in Salisbury. The extension is to a single room to enlarge the room to make this a more appropriate size for the house as a whole.

The extension infills a corner between the front main part of the house and the “service” wing of a reduced width to the rear typical of many houses of this age. Since the wall containing the window to the room was removed to take the extension and the doors to the Dining room were enclosed, the wall available for a new window for the rooms was limited both by the short return of the extension facing down the garden and the closeness of the extension to the boundary with only a normal passageway width. Whilst a new vertical window is provided for both light and a view down the garden, additional light is provided to the two rooms by a continuous strip of roof glazing at the junction of the existing wall and the new roof. The roof glazing is extended to form a canopy to the existing “back” door to the house.

Photography: Roger Dyson Photography

RIBA AECB Architect in the House Architects Registration Board Association of Self-Build Architects