What is required?

  • More space or to use existing space more effectively?
  • Improvements to the layout or functioning of the house to closer fit the way the house is used?
  • Improvements to the facilities and appearance?
  • Use of a redundant space or area (including lofts & outbuildings)?
  • Development of a new site or replacement of an existing building?
  • Conversion of a building from other uses?
  • Scope for high level energy retroftting?

What are the Possibilities?

  • The first and obvious option may be the right one but perhaps there is a better way
  • Adding an extension without considering how this will affect the existing building may cause unforeseen problems and may not make the best of the situation
  • The answer may be there staring you in the face but can you see it?
  • There may be a number of options – what are the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • The space needed may exist but needs some work to release its potential or an extension may not need to be as large if existing space can be better used
  • Work to existing buildings most often presents unique problems and the solution is often a ‘one-off’
  • How does all the above influence what can be done to create a high level of energy efficiency
RIBA AECB Architect in the House Architects Registration Board Association of Self-Build Architects